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Big announcements:

  1. Our 2D Metaverse called 2D CASA will have an alpha version launched by June 30, 2022.

2. French Montana announced a partnership with RadioCaca to make one of the biggest NFT music album drops for his upcoming album, Montega. The NFT name and ticker: 2DM.

The drop will combine Montega with Rare Metamon, Play-2-Earn NFT game characters.

2DM is much more than just a Music NFT drop. It is the first time that Music NFTs will come with an MMO 2D game character. It’s the first-ever NFT collection to combine music, visual art, gameplay, and the 2D/3D Metaverses all together.

  1. 2D CASA will offer one million 2D houses in the 2D Metaverse. Most of the houses will be available through our egg rewards for our Play-to-Earn (P2E) Metamon Island players. We have some reserved for our Lost World players.
  2. French Montana and Radio Caca’s co-branding NFT collection is called 2DM. This is because the NFT music album will be combined with a Rare Metamon which can be used as characters in 2D CASA.
  3. We launched our new 2D game, Lost World, in April 2022.
  4. We will invest 10 billion RACA ($25 million USD) to develop 2D CASA.

3D & 2D Metaverses: Big Picture & Our Vision

We always build for our community. You may be wondering why we are expanding our Metaverse offerings into the 2D Metaverse realm with 2D CASA when we already have a 3D Metaverse, the United States of Mars (USM).

Let’s revisit our mission:

To build a Metaverse for Web 3 people, by Web 3 people.

This move fits into our mission, as 2D CASA is built for Web 3 people, by Web 3 people, but there is also a larger vision for the future.

We believe in the future many Web3 users will hold blue-chip NFTs like they hold Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not only will they hold them, but they will want to add value to their blue-chip NFTs by bundling complementary assets. Since NFTs can be part of one’s identity, we will want every blue-chip NFT to own land, a home, and even a car in the Metaverse.

In the real world, most urban young people become indebted with mortgages for homes and leases for their cars. These assets are a sink of money as homes and cars need maintenance, with cars eventually needing to be replaced. A never-ending cycle of cost and debt. In the Radio Caca universe, holding a house or car for their characters will only grow in value and create a freer future because these houses and cars are assets that can be passed on from generation to generation and that can grow in value.

Gold and diamonds used to be part of one’s inheritance but that is not the case anymore. Now, inheritances will comprise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and sets of NFTs that come with stories, plots, identities, and histories. And with all of that, traces of life.

We believe the younger generation, this generation, will invest more in their virtual pets and avatars since there’s nothing for them in which to invest in real life. In the virtual world, there is a chance to grow and flourish. To own and have something that tells the world that this NFT is truly and only yours. This is why they will buy a house for their avatar because it is an extension of themselves.

This is why we strongly believe every NFT needs a home.

NFTs can take many forms: Profile Pictures (PFP), Game Characters, Music, Sports, Celebrities, and Art. All of those are kinds of NFTs, and we’re just scratching the surface with those few.

All of these kinds of NFTs are looking for a home where PFPs can be displayed and game characters can come to life. A home your friends can hang out in. A 2D house and a 3D gallery are far more than places to show your NFTs. They will make your NFTs even more valuable and most importantly, make our social interactions more immersive.

You can build community, socialize with friends and use your NFTs as avatars. They are no longer mere records of uniqueness on the blockchain. They gain utility by being paired with a 2D house and 3D gallery.

At these houses, you can host a social event, a private party, or even an auction. That’s right, trading at some private parties in a 2D or 3D Metaverse will be possible in the future too.

Imagine your favorite NFTs all seamlessly coming together in one universal Metaverse to play games, socialize and be part of a massive Web 3 ecosystem. A place to explore, connect, and experience adventures never seen in any other Metaverse.

We have heard our community and we are taking our Metamon experience to a bigger universe outside the Metamon World and bringing some new friends along the way.

We are calling this new experience 2D CASA. Our new MMORPG experience, built on top of Ethereum and BNBChain

2D CASA supports Universal NFT Integration (UNI) which means that static Profile Pictures(PFP), Game Characters, Music NFTs, Sports NFTs, Art NFTs, and anything under ERC-721 and ERC-1155 can be integrated into the 2D CASA Metaverse effortlessly.

We view NFTs as more than just game characters or artwork. They drive all aspects of gameplay and stat tracking in 2D CASA. NFTs will be used to their full potential in 2D CASA by representing all your in-game assets like any roles you have, pets and 2D houses you own, or tools that you use. NFTs will even unlock a customized visualization to experience unique visual effects for any kind of NFT.

Outside of the Web3 space, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram have become the biggest online social spaces where NFT Metaverse projects build their own communities and where early users connect with each other. This is where whitelists are earned, grinding happens and the hope to be part of a larger thriving community occurs. However, there is no place for the community to get together and have that feeling of presence.

2D CASA is a new type of social space where NFT players and projects can buy 2D houses, build headquarters, organize events, distribute whitelists, and mint new NFTs. With 2D CASA, you get something not available in our current social interactions… you get immersion. You can connect and feel the presence of others. This all starts with the shared experiences we have crafted for our users. We call these shared experiences 2D CASA Storylines.

The 2D CASA will start with 3 storylines and 3 visions that focus on our Metamons game suite of Metamon Island and Lost World, as well as 2D houses. Let’s talk about houses:

Total Supply: 1 million

Rarity: N, R, SR (tentatively)

Types: Villas, Mansions, Castles (tentatively)

Distribution: details below

There are 1 million 2D houses and several house rarity types: N (Villas), R (Mansions), and SR (Castles). Homeowners can decorate their space, exhibit NFT art and organize events. Each NFT collection will need its own 2D house.

Please see the table below to see how fragments will be used to mint 2D Houses of the same rarity.

2D House Distribution table

2D homeowners can decide how their 2D houses will look. Their location in the Metaverse can be changed so that 2D homeowners can enjoy as much freedom as possible with their homes. The question is… how do you earn house fragments? We are glad you asked…

You will be able to earn house fragments in Metamon Island. The current BNB (former BSC) players can deposit their Metamon into Metamon Island, our 2D blockchain play-to-earn mini-game, and earn egg fragments. Once you have earned enough egg fragments, you can use them to mint Metamon egg NFTs. The Metamon egg acts as a mystery box drop, allowing you to open eggs to receive different rarity house fragments (SR, R, N) in addition to other possible rewards.

The total supply of 2D houses seems huge…it’s one million. Why so many?

  1. Every NFT collection will need a 2D house. Web 3 is the future of the web, and NFTs are a core part of it. There are already more than 1 million NFT holders.
  2. The houses are just like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) in the early days. In this example, the Metamon are like miners for BTC and ETH. Early on, it was easy for a relatively average computer to farm a lot of BTC and ETH at a super cheap price. In the same way, Metamon can earn a lot of house fragments by playing Metamon Island. #WeAreEarly
  3. The number is not too high when you think of how many Metamask wallets there are. There are already 30 million Metamask wallet users. This is for people who are early into Web 3. When crypto goes mainstream in the next 3 to 5 years, the number of users will explode. “Blue-chip” NFTs are “new money,” newer than bitcoin or ETH, and can command higher prices than BTC/ETH at times.
  4. They have personality, and community, and are more fun than BTC or ETH because of the unique artwork. We are getting to the point in the next few years where there will be millions upon millions of “blue chip” NFT holders. Each and every one of those NFTs will need a house.

We have partnered with Olympic medalists to be our official 2D CASA ambassadors.

More details on this later when we announce more athlete collaboration.

There are five main ways you can receive benefits and utility from your 2D house:

  1. Billboard
  2. 2D Gallery
  3. Build 2D games
  4. 2D houses staking

Let’s dive into 2D House staking a bit more. If you choose to stake 2D houses, you can:

  • Earn fragments for virtual shoes and socks.
  • Get vases, plants, and other raw materials for your 2D house space.
  • Play Metamon Island, where your Metamon can still fight to mint eggs of 2D house fragments to mint 2D house NFTs.

2D house staking can generate Moving shoes, socks, vases, plants, and other raw materials.

By default, the Villa (N house) can hold 3 NFTs. To hold more NFTs, the player needs to use raw materials to upgrade their house. How? The player can use Age of Empire as a reference. Players can not fully customize the house from the ground up. Rather, they can choose from styles like Oriental, Gothic, and Middle Eastern.

Those who have no house in the game can only exhibit one NFT while playing. Also, the game won’t be tracking other NFTs.

Houses and raw materials will be the trophy rewards in Lost World.

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, once the Metamon game evolves into a 2D MMO World, players can change their houses into a shopping mall, or art gallery, or choose to develop their own 2D games. More on this at a later time.

Within the 2D CASA Metaverse

Entry-level players can play Metamon Island, and earn Metamon eggs as rewards.

Hardcore players can play Lost World, and earn credits to trade for 2D Houses.

2D CASA is a part of the Metamon Ecosystem, and is open to all developers who can build their own games with Metamon and their own NFT projects. In earlier stages, we may even create some small games to inspire people.

Metamon Island “play-to-earn” “egg reward”

Distribution of 1 million 2D houses:

  • 800,000 2D houses will be put into eggs to open.
  • 100,000 2D houses will be the trophy reward for Lost World winners.
  • 18,000 2D houses will be airdropped to “OTC Metamons” holders.
  • The remaining 2D houses will be used for other causes.

Two options for OTC Metamons

  • You can exchange your OTC Metamon for an “N 3D land.” If you choose this option, your “OTC Metamon” will be burned after the swap.
  • You can choose to get a villa (N 2D House) airdrop. If you choose those option, your “OTC Metamon” is still alive and can be used in our P2E games after the villa airdrop.

If you sell your OTC Metamon, the airdropped 2D house will be sold with it. It is the same with MPB. Only after 3 years will can these 2D houses be minted and traded as separate NFTs.

The in-game trades will still be done with u-RACA. U-RACA will eventually be withdrawable from the game because we have a plan to build a CEX structure in the Metamon game.

These 2D houses are to be minted over the course of 1 year.

SR: 10,000 total supply — a million SR fragments to mint 1 SR 2D house. There are 10 billion SR fragments.

R: 100,000 total supply–100,000 R fragments to mint 1 R 2D houses. There are 10 billion R fragments.

N: 890,000 total supply–10,000 N fragments to mint 1 N 2D houses. There are 8.9 billion N fragments.


The total number of N Metamon is tentatively set to be 600,000. (decreased from 2 million N Metamon)

Metamon Egg Drop Release Calendar

Metamon Egg Reward from April to June 2022

  • Potion
  • 30,000 N Metamon
  • Castle fragments: 1.8 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 3,600 fragments per month.
  • Mansion fragments: 1.8 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 3,600 fragments per month.
  • Villa fragments: 1.5 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 3,000 fragments per month. It takes 3 months to mine an N 2D house.

Metamon Egg Reward from July to September 2022

  • Castle fragments: 0.9 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 1,800 fragments per month.
  • Mansion fragments: 0.9 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 1,800 fragments per month.
  • Villa fragments: 0.9 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 1,800 fragments per month.
  • more surprises
  • all fragments can be traded freely.

Metamon Egg Reward from October to December 2022

  • Castle fragments: 0.45 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 900 fragments per month.
  • Mansion fragments: 0.45 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 900 fragments per month.
  • Villa fragments: 0.6 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 1,200 fragments per month.
  • more surprises
  • all fragments can be traded freely.

Metamon Egg Reward from January to March 2023

  • Castle fragments: 0.183 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 366 fragments per month.
  • Mansion fragments: 0.183 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 366 fragments per month.
  • Villa fragments: 0.333 billion fragments to drop each month. Each Metamon shall get 666 fragments per month.
  • more surprises
  • all fragments can be traded freely.

Level 60 or higher-level Metamon can get credits in fighting. Credits can be exchanged into 2D houses.

Accumulated credits can be traded for chances to travel back to the Metamon Island to fight.

Updates for Metamon

  1. Before the Lost World launch, the Level 60 Metamon can continue fighting to mint eggs. After the launch, Level 60 Metamon can choose to fight on Metamon Island or in Lost World (Traveling back to Metamon Island would require a spaceship or rocket ticket.)
  2. The space city is the place to trade “tickets” to travel back to Metamon Island. These travels will all cost RACA. These tickets will also cost RACA.
  3. There are 100 spaceships — each can take 3 Metamon back to Metamon Island once per day — 9,000 can be shipped every month.
  4. There are 1,000 rockets — each rocket can take 3 Metamon back once every week — 12,000 can be shipped every month.
  5. Spaceship and rocket owners can opt to sell tickets to those in need in the space city.
  6. The Hall of Valhalla is another place to win rare game items.
  7. We will airdrop celebrity NFTs to Level 60 Metamon from time to time.





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