The total trading volume of the past 55 days on Radio Caca’s official NFT marketplace has surpassed $3 billion.

Prior to the exciting new number, the Radio Caca Mystery Box release was scooped by enthusiastic fans for $30 million in a matter of 75 minutes.

Currently, Radio Caca’s Metamon game has 30,000 daily active users. RACA token’s unique holders are more than 350,000.

As the ecosystem grows into the Universal Metaverse era, Radio Caca’s official NFT marketplace will remain to be the prime trading market where game items, fashion collectibles, and all sorts of NFTs are exchanged.

We announced a fragment reward data model before, on Nov. 14. We found out that model is not good enough.

There is no difference between level 1~level 20, level 21~level 40, level 41~level 60. While the Metamon above level 21 have too many fragments reward. These result in that, on…

“Previously on Binance.NFT Zone”

We launched ‘’Maye Musk Mystery Box’’ release on Binance NFT on August 26th.

We launched ‘’Metamon’’ release on Binance.NFT on October 14th.

Binance cannot mint Raca NFTs. The NFTs trading on Binance NFT market are so-called IOU tokens, a new smart contract created by Binance to represent the…

This release of USM NFT Assets will contain USM Lands, MPBs, and Normal Metamon NFTs — only at Radio Caca NFT Marketplace

The original plan for Round 2 was announced on Nov 7 is in this blog:

We also announced that there will be a total of 30 rounds of Mystery Boxes releases to distribute Metaverse lands and Metamon characters to the community here:

Round 2 — Distribution Plan (UPDATED)

1. Marketplace:

2. Accepted Payment…

Preliminary Plan for MPB Holders

MPB#2009, get 10 plots of land: №0–9.

Radio Caca music bands will reside on land #0, where they will perform permanently. There will be virtual idol concerts. We will recruit bands and musicians from around the globe including guitarists, bass musicians, pianists, vocalists, and so on to join us.


We listed “Maye Musk Mystery Box” release on Binance NFT on August 26th.

We listed “Metamon” release on Binance.NFT on October 14th.

Binance NFT enabled the withdrawal function of those two NFT releases from October 20th.

“Maye Musk Mystery Box” batch on BSC has a ticker name: BMBMUSK.

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