The mission is aborted. There will be no $BGD Token.

BGD Token Update: Paused | BGD donors will receive RACA v2

About the airdrop to the donors:

We are passionate about donating to worthy causes such as the Big Green DAO. However, upon further reflection, creating a new DAO token (BGD) at this time is not the best move for the community.

The RACA DAO native…

Very special announcements & updates to our community and users. Read to the very end (💪).

On December 12th, the RACA NFT marketplace began to charge fees. Wallet: 0x4e1d26bfef49938673227a80ecc732bead86735b

NFT marketplace fee income: 1,841,607,924 $RACA

Per our past announcement, we stated that the NFT marketplace fee is 5% of which 2% is to be airdropped to MPB holders and 3% is to be burned.

2% is…

First Snapshot

First snapshot took place on Dec 12, 2021.

Second Snapshot

The second snapshot will be at UTC 6 a.m. Jan 11 2022.

Airdrop Rules

The Metamon airdrop is determined by both snapshots:

  • To qualify for the airdrop, the same Metamon must be under the same account during both snapshots.
  • The level and rarity during…

You can now purchase anything you wish and more using $RACA.

It’s official: Radio Caca has partnered with crypto e-commerce platform!

We are thrilled to introduce the integration of Radio Caca in with the recent addition of $RACA as a payment method.

Seamless shopping experience with 2% Discount

With RACA now a new payment option on the platform, you…

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