Experience and Attribute System Updates for the Metamon Game

Experience System

Attribute System

Multi-Chain Support for Metamon

The Second Round USM Token Airdrop

  1. Metamons with the same level are ranked by their EXP. The higher the EXP the higher the ranking.
  2. Metamons with the same level and EXP are ranked by their rarity. The rarer the higher the ranking.
  3. Metamons with the same level, EXP and rarity are ranked by their token ID. The bigger the token ID the higher the ranking.
  1. Metamons need to stay in the game after the snapshot at all times. There can be no withdrawal record.
  2. Metamons need to upgrade to level 60 before 6:00 AM, May 1st, UTC.
    According to the current level distribution, it is enough time for the lowest level Metamon in the whitelist to upgrade to level 60 without the using of EXP increasing function.

Metamon Egg Content in March

Airdrop of the Winter Olympics 3D Avatar





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