USM Metaverse

Do you like the movie “Ready Player One” ? In the Metaverse, you use VR/AR technology to live in the virtual world with new identity: new clothes, new body, new skills, new social status, etc.

In the USM Metaverse, each player is also a builder. They build a social network around themselves, establish a complete economic system and finally build a new virtual civilization. What’s more, they can create arts and mint into NFTs as their assets to exhibit or trade in the Metaverse.

Tokens and NFTs will be used to function as currency and props in the USM Metaverse world, such as 99% martian clothes, solar energy, drones, robots, mars version Tesla cars and pipelines.

The decentralized identity protocol, namely DID protocol, can ensure that the identity in the virtual world will not be deleted or taken away by “big companies”.

  • Token and NFT transactions are the infrastructure of Metaverse. We have #RACA NFTs
  • The wallet address would serve as the user’s identity system.

Radio Caca has issued “The Dancing Koda” NFT in May 18,2021 and listed Maye Musk Koda NFT auctions June 18 and The Matrix + Mystery Box June 30, BakerySwap

USM Metaverse Prophesy in 3050.

Humans had established a colony on Mars. More importantly, the moon base had completed.

Asteroid mining, between both the moon and the earth, has become a commonplace of life for mankind. There are many kinds of rare metals, not available on the earth, which have helped any type of shortages on earth.

It was recently discovered that the various technologies which were developed by one guy more than had started 140 years ago for the expansion of Mars Colony One.

One of these many inventions is recyclable rockets. Since the energy reserves and orientation of Mars are still uncertain, solar energy has become the best solution. One guy strategically accumulated a multitude of solar panels along the equator and poles of Mars. This will ensure that 50% of the solar panels are always in operation and running non-stop to produce electricity throughout the day.

It was inconvenient to transport the materials through cars, so one team developed their twelve version of the Hyper Loop Pipeline to safeguard the transportation of materials. The pipelines were initially built on the surface. The twelve version were buried underground, similar to an ant colony.

MARS-RACA was created for space colonies. The crypto currency pair do not only use less energy per transaction, but automatically inflate and deflate according to the current state of the economy they represent.

The innovative concepts, advanced science and technology, large tracts of vacant land, and the possibility of using Mars as a springboard to further explore the solar system have attracted millions of people on Earth to Mars. The economy on Mars is driven by solar energy, drones, and robots, thus not requiring much human labor.

The wealthy were not interested in staying on Earth anymore, but going to Mars instead. anyone makes the permanent move to Mars should change all their assets into digital currency, and travel lean.

In the beginning governments from all over the world tried to stop the mass emigration, but found out that the high-ranking government officials themselves wanted to go as well. Since then, we has been able to achieve a unified balance between all nations on Earth by landing on and controlling Mars.


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