Milestones and Roadmaps (Q2-Q4 2021, 2022)



RACA V1 deployment — May 16

First Version of Website launched and live — May 18

Listing on — May 20

“The Dancing Koda” NFT drop listed on BAKE — May 26

Acquired the exclusive rights to be the manager of “Maye Musk Koda” NFT Mystery Box, a.k.a MPB — June 2021

Four “Diamonds are forever” NFT drops listed on Bake — June 18


1000 MPB NFT Sale — Sold out. 500 Sold July 1st, 500 Sold July 3rd on Bake using RACA as a payment token.

5.5 billion RACA revenue Generated from July 1st and July 3rd. The core team gained 5.5 billion RACA as revenue on July 1 and July 3.

2nd Version of Website launched in July.

Announcement of RACA Token Version 2 — announced in July.

Sold out 10,000 BMM on Bake. 450 BNB generated as revenue — August 4th.

Metaverse discussion panel Announced with CZ & Maye Musk — August 17th.

RACA token V2 Deployed — August 18th

RACA V1:V2 Swap Enabled — August 18th

RACA V2 BNB/RACA LP farming Enabled — August 19th

10,000 Twitter Followers acquired — August 19th

CoinGecko RACA token listing — August 20th

CoinMarketCap RACA token listing — August 21st

8000 BNB revenue achieved from the sale of 10,000 MML on BakerySwap — August 26th

450 BNB revenue achieved from the sale of 10,000 BMM on BakerySwap — August 4th

RACA Token Burned 5 times to the sum of 56.5 billion RACA — September 2022.

Launched RACA NFT marketplace — September 10th

10,000 Normal Metamons sold out with 2,000 Yellow Diamonds, RACA token burn— September

38 farming pools launched — September 12th

<Metamon> Beta is live — September 30

Four Roadmaps

Metamon Roadmap

<Metamon> beta 2.0 launch — October 12th

<Metamon> official 1.0 launch —October 28th

Play-to-Earn Metamon Egg mystery box launch —October 28th

Add extra features such as leaderboard and season challenges — November

Introduce, increase and improve team mode — November

NFT secondary Marketplace Beta on October 12th

• NFT secondary Marketplace Official version 1.0 — October 28th

• Add NFT bulk transfer function — November 2021

• Introduce Mystery box NFTs feature — November 2021

• Introduce pricing and auction mode (RACA payment) — December 2021

• Optimize user experience — December 2021

• Put NFT marketplace inside of the Universal Metaverse — March 2022

Universal Metaverse (USM) Roadmap

• Launch Beta version of Universal Metaverse on BSC — December 2021

• Introduce Monthly Updates to Metaverse with more tools and viewable scenery on 3D planet.

• Introduce fully-built VR 3D planet Metaverse on USM Chain — end of 2022

USM Chain Roadmap

• Release “USMchain” LightPaper — December 2021

• Begin development of USMchain — December 2021

• Release Beta version of USMchain — March 2022

  • USMChain Main net live launch — June 2022

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