More than 4.7 billion RACA burned on August 27 and August 28


  1. Every Admin, RACA army, and other volunteers are allowed to sell RACA freely. Do it on your own, don’t advertise your moves. Don’t try to influence others’ investment decisions in our groups. Keep your financial actions to yourself. Every person should always have the freedom to make their own decision without your influence.You have your own feeling, your own family to support. Everyone has different shoes.
  2. We will never sell RACA at a discount or market price to any individuals. We will start to use RACA to raise money from credited and audited institutional investors with an established and strong reputation at the current market price. Once again, we would never give anyone any discount.


Our incredible community gets stronger by adding more GREAT PEOPLE and filtering those with ulterior motives. Purity gets purer over time. We continue to get bigger and stronger.

Can we burn RACA in everyone’s wallet?

No, we cannot. We can ONLY burn RACA that were sent directly from our owner wallet to the other wallet for our ads, marketing, and operation.





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