What will happen after Metamons enter the USM 3D Planet Metaverse

How Metamons can keep their value or even grow their value inside the the USM 3D Planet Metaverse?

  1. In the Metamon Kingdom War, the winners will acquire lands. The plan is to allocate ~90,000 pieces of land for the hegemons. More details to be released by the end of March.
  2. Holding Metamons on Mars will receive distinctive noble titles and be granted exclusive treatment, access and perks.
  3. As rental assets*. There are rental markets in the USM, where players can rent Metamons to temporarily acquire noble titles and privileges and lend Metamons to enjoy a hearty income.
  4. As staking assets**. Many in-Metaverse assets such as the building blocks of building and landscaping are to be distributed to Metamon holders as staking rewards.

Metamon Experience Potion

Transiting Metamons to Metaverse

  1. Lv 60 Metamons will no longer earn egg fragments. We want to be clear that we want to lower down the emission rate of eggs. This is beneficial to egg farmers.
  2. Deploying Metamons into USM is irreversible. Users will not be able to move Metamons back to the Metamon Island game. This is beneficial as the Metamon holders will be able to access a completely new USM economy.
  3. The upcoming Metamon Farming feature will only be available in the USM.

Top Level Metamons USM Airdrop

Titles and Noble Ranks

Noble title requirement table

NFT Rarity Conversion Table

Various NFT to N Metamon conversion table
Various NFTs to N Metamon conversion table

Noble Perks



  • Tesla Cybertruck
  • Grimsz Board & Snoop Dogg Board





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