The Social Experiment BGD Token Update: Paused

The mission is aborted. There will be no $BGD Token.

BGD Token Update: Paused | BGD donors will receive RACA v2

About the airdrop to the donors:

We are passionate about donating to worthy causes such as the Big Green DAO. However, upon further reflection, creating a new DAO token (BGD) at this time is not the best move for the community.

The RACA DAO native token, RACA, matches the trading volume of Axie Infinity and our liquidity is the same as many mainstream tokens out there.

Let’s capitalize on our success with RACA DAO and continue to support the community and non-profits like the Big Green DAO.

We are grateful to those in the community that donated and we have a plan to make good on our promise. We considered that supporting an additional DAO token would not be the best direction to take since we already have RACA DAO.

In a nutshell, RACA DAO we will give away a large number of RACA tokens to @biggreen donors. RACA DAO never fails our community.

The amount of support pouring in and the willingness to give captures the best qualities of the RACA community. For those who donated before UTC, 2:00 PM, December 26, 2021 they are still eligible to receive the RACA V2 airdrop.

The amount of RACA V2 tokens airdropped that a donor will receive is based on the total cryptocurrency sum (ETH, DAI, USDC) he or she contributed to the Big Green DAO by UTC 2PM, DEC 26.

For example, if you donate $100 worth of ETH, you will receive 100,000 RACA V2. The RACA V2 airdropped will be released in 12 months linearly.

To get the airdrop, end users need to connect their wallet to the RACA DAO website (

The total amount of the RACA V2 to be airdropped will be less than 1 billion.

Even though the RACA community will no longer support the BGD token we will continue to support @biggreen and their important work.
We are looking forward to more events with @biggreen @kimbal and to continuing support their valuable work.

Top and Notable Donors of Big Green DAO

No 1: Jeff Watney, $2.1 million

No 2: Kimbal Musk, $1 million

No 3: Cathie Wood, undisclosed

More about Big Green DAO:

Founder: Kimbal Musk

Mission: Growing food changes lives.

Big Green Token ($BGD) issuance and airdrops is a tribute to the OpenDao ($SOS) and to the ConsitutionDAO ($PEOPLE)

About Radio Caca

Token Contract Address: 0x12BB890508c125661E03b09EC06E404bc9289040

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