Radio Caca and BSC GameFi Expo II: $30,000 worth of Community Giveaways are Happening Now (participation details included)

Radio Caca is launching a series of <Metamon> game-related events and giveaways with BSC GameFi Expo II.

30,000 BUSD worth of community giveaways are currently underway

1. <Metamon> game bundle giveaway in our Discord
Earn 200 $BUSD worth of awesome <Metamon> game bundle:
a) One N-Rarity Metamon
b) 0.1BNB for game gas fee
c) 100K RACA for in-game consumption

Time period:
From Sept. 29 until …this giveaway will be active for a good while (enjoy!). We will give away 1 <Metamon> game bundle, every single week.

1) Join Radio Caca Discord Server:
2) Enter ‘🎁-prize’ channel
3) Find the ‘Giveaway’ post and click ‘🎉’

2. Metamon NFT giveaway in Telegram
Earn Metamon NFT by participating in quiz every day.

Time period:
Sept. 27 ~ Oct. 27. We will give away 100 $BUSD worth of N-Rarity Metamon to one winner daily.

1) Join Radio Caca English Telegram group:
2) Follow the host’s instructions and do the quiz at 14:00PM UTC
3) The first one to give the right answer is the winner

3. $RACA Tip money giveaway in BTOK
Grab $RACA-BTOK Tip money (Hongbao) at 20:00PM UTC+8 every day.

Time period:
Sept. 30 ~ Oct. 27. Giveaway 1000 $BUSD worth of $RACA (2 million) every day.

1) Download BTOK mobile APP and login in with your Telegram ID
2) Join Radio Caca Chinese BTOK group:
3) Grab $RACA Tip money in BTOK group at 20:00PM UTC+8

4. Metamon NFT giveaway in local communities
Giveaway one 100 $BUSD worth of N-Rarity Metamon to every participant.

Time period: Sept. 25 ~ Oct. 6

1) Join Radio Caca English Telegram ( group and then join your local community.
2) Make a video about Radio Caca with yourself, tweet the video, and tag @RadioCacaNFT on Twitter. Use the following hashtags: #RACA #Metamon #BSC
3) Forward to your local community and tag local admins in Telegram.

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