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What is OpenPFP.com?

launched on March 28, 2022, OpenPFP.com is a premium NFT marketplaces exclusively for blue-chip NFTs such as BAYC, Crytopunks, coolcats, 2DM (to be released on June 20 2022 Tentatively), MPB (Maye Musk NFT), R, SR, SSR Metamon, Kiss-up dogs, Spaceships, Rockets, Dukes. etc.

Perks for Early Adopters

1. $PFPcoin Airdrop to be announced. There is no plan to deploy $PFPcoin in 2022.

2. Low Trading Fees

We have the most competitive fees across NFT marketplaces. We are offering a tiered trading fee program to reward our earliest adopters.

  • 0% trading fees until Apr 15, 2022
  • 1% trading fees between April 16 2022 — July 16 2022
  • 2% trading fees from July 17 2022 moving forward

3. USM galleries for Top NFT traders

Many PFP teams look for Metaverse land to host social events, build art galleries and connect with their community. You have a home now in the USM Metaverse. We are offering an incentive to top PFP teams that join OpenPFP.com and it all centers around art galleries:

  • 3000 galleries will be offered to top PFP traders for the first 12 months.
  • 500 galleries will be rewarded to the top 500 traders in April.
  • 500 galleries will be rewarded to the top 500 traders in May.
  • 200 galleries will be rewarded to the top 200 traders monthly for the next 10 months.


  • Limit of one gallery per account during the 12 month promotional period.
  • Trading volume is defined as the sum of the selling and buying.

Notes regarding Airdropped Galleries:

  1. Airdropped galleries do not include land.
  2. Claimed galleries will need to pay land rental fee.
  3. Rental fee can be airdropped too.
  4. Airdropped galleries will be automatically staked for 6 years.

Seamlessly Jump between OpenPFP.com & 3D USM Galleries

Collections on OpenPFP.com will show a link that seamlessly teleports users to a 3D gallery in the USM Metaverse. There you can showcase, view and explore PFP collections in a truly immersive experience. Similar to Oncyber, everyone can one-click and enter without connecting to their wallet. While in the galleries, users can walk, run, jump and talk to friends and community in real time.

“The toolkits for gallery development and social event creation will be easier than Sandbox and Decentraland”, said Jeff Watney, founding member of Radio Caca.

What is $RACA?

$RACA is the native token of the Radio Caca ecosystem. For those new to us, let’s briefly introduce Radio Caca’s product line-up:

Our Products

  1. Metamon Island: Our popular blockchain mini-game launched in Oct 2021.
  2. Metamon Island’s upcoming 2D Metaverse expansion is called 2DCASA.

Our 2D game builder tool does not require coding knowledge.

3. United States of Mars (USM) is our 3D Metaverse that launched its public beta in Dec 2021.

We are releasing our builder toolkit for user-generated content to customize gallery design and architecture by May 20, 2022

The builder toolkit is as easy as building with Legos. It takes minimal time and effort to begin building in the USM versus other platforms like decentraland, sandbox, crypto voxels or minecraft.

Furniture NFT Drops — USM Land Tie-In

There will be multiple Rare (R) or Super Rare (SR) Furniture NFT drops in 2022. The total supply of R Furniture will be 10,000 and SR will be 1000.

All those R or SR Furniture NFT can stake to get “N land fragments” and to get land. A few examples can be found below:

Example 1: Dance Floor NFT Drop

Specific Date: TBD

Price: 500,000 RACA

Units: 3000

Items: Dance Floor NFT

Marketplace: Radio Caca’s NFT Marketplace (BNB Chain)

The expected total income is 1.5 billion RACA. It’s free to trade Dance Floor NFT on OpenPFP.com.

Dance Floor NFT can be staked to earn Land Fragments in July. Land Fragments are free to trade. Land minted from fragments is free to trade.

The Dance Floor NFT can be staked for 3 years to earn 500,000 u-RACA in the USM (this will save on gas fees). Redistribution will be 3 years linearly in the USM. u-RACA will be free to withdraw to wallets in July.

It’s different from staking 500,000 RACA for 3 years to get one land because 500,000 RACA will be redistributed back to users on a daily basis in the USM (in a centralized exchange. no gas fee problem.). The RACA token is the currency for the Radio Caca ecosystem. Learn more on how RACA is used in the USM below.

Example 2: LED Big Screen NFTs

Specific Date: TBD

Price: 5000 u-USM

Units: 2000

Items: “LED Big screen as ads boards or video player” NFTs

Venue: Radio Caca’s NFT Marketplace on the BNB Chain

The expected total income is 10 million u-USM.

It’s free to trade “LED Big screen as ads boards or video player” NFTs on OpenPFP.com. Everything else is the same as the Dance Floor NFTs example above.

RACA in the USM Metaverse

Users will start off with a default avatar. You can visit our Avatar store to select a different avatar at a cost of 10 RACA per 24 hours.

  • Genesis avatar is currently free and what is being used in the USM now. To use the Genesis avatar in the future you have to pay 10 RACA per 24 hours. (Tentatively)
  • Custom designed avatars that look exactly like yourself, (for example French’s avatar), the cost is $900. The early bird price is 300K RACA.(Tentatively)
  • If you want to take a fake bathroom in French’s gallery, you need to pay 10 RACA. (Tentatively)
  • If you want to host a private party in French’s gallery, you need to pay 1 million RACA per hour.(Tentatively)

Staked/Unstaked Land Development

Staked land will not affect how users invest in building shops and galleries.

Staked/Unstaked Land Development is the same.

Adshare Revenue Model

Landowners will be able to generate income from an Adshare like business model. Ad income on public land will be shared with other landowners in the whole state.

More details to come…stay tuned…

Land Types:

A: Land distributed in 2021 and land that will be airdropped to MPB in the USM (8 N Land and one R land will always combine with one MPB. MPB holders can not sell land without selling the combined MPB. This is to protect the market price of MPB.) can enjoy staked rewards if the land is staked. The land owner is free to unstake the land.

Land farmed in 2021 is land type A.

B: Land distributed with $RACA as the payment token in 2022 will be automatically staked for 3 years (This is to protect the benefit of Land A and to protect the whole land market) and gets the staking rewards.

C: Airdropped on different occasions in 2022 will be automatically staked for 6 years (This is to protect the benefit of Land A and to protect the whole land market.) no staking rewards.

D. land farmed in 2022: more details about land farmed in 2022 will be announced. It will be case by case.

How will the transaction fees on the OpenPFP market be distributed to Matrix Plus Box (MPB) holders?


The 2% transaction fees on www.radiocaca.com or on www.openPFP.com will be distributed to the MPB owners.

no Royalty Fee on www.radiocaca.com and on www.OpenPFP.com


The transaction fees on NON-RACA-NFT on OpenPFP.com will not be distributed to MPB.


The existing Radio Caca users can not sell their BNBChain (formerly BSC) -NFTs on www.openPFP.com

About Radio Caca


Backed by OKX Blockdream Ventures and Consensys Mesh’s Tachyon Accelerator, RadioCaca.com is a web 3.0 infrastructure solution provider.

In July 2021, Radio Caca released its first web 3.0 product, a collection of PFP (profile picture style NFTs) for Maye Musk (Elon’s mother).

Multiple popular product lines:

I. Mini games: Metamon world includesMetamon Island on BNB /ETH chains in October 2021 and Metamon Kingdom wars launched in April 2022.

II. A 3D MMO World, a 3D Metaverse, the United States of Mars (USM) launched in December 2021.

III. A 2D MMO game platform called as 2D CASA to be launch in June 2022.

To build a Sub-Metaverse or gallery in our Metaverses will be like to build with LEGO.

We launched the RACA NFT marketplace in September 2021. In less than seven months, the total trading volume on the RACA NFT marketplace was more than 682 billion RACA as of April 6, 2022. That is about $1.3 billion of trading volume based on the RACA price on April 6. Radio Caca earned $142 million in revenue from NFT drops in 2021.

There is also an NFT marketplace inside Metamon Island on BNB/ETH chains. The trading volume during March 2022 was 3 billion RACA, which is about $60 million. A total of 500,000 Metamon game characters have been released, reaching 1.2 billion battles in the past 6 months (by April 6).

We have the one of the largest 3D Metaverse on BNB Chain/Ethereum, called the United States of Mars (USM), which was launched in December 2021. Registered wallet users surpassed more than 30,000 within a 30-day period in March 2022.

Radio Caca has more than 616K Twitter followers, 300K Telegram members, and 66K Discord members, as well as over 20 global community hubs in local languages.

Quick Links

(1) Twitter: https://twitter.com/RadioCacaNFT

(2) CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/radio-caca/

(3) Web: https://www.radiocaca.comQuick Links:

(1) Twitter: https://twitter.com/RadioCacaNFT

(2) CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/radio-caca/

(3) Web: https://www.radiocaca.com





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