Updates on March 8 2022 | About the distribution for USM Land and Metamon NFTs

Most of USM's land and Metamon NFTs have not yet been distributed. What is the long-term strategy to distribute these NFTs on the market?

Q: What’s the plan to distribution land NFTs in 2022?

There will be multiple rounds of N land releases in 2022. Each round will have 10,000–30,000 Land mystery boxes.

The price of one piece of land will be increased by $100 equivalent of RACA for each round. The first round will be on March 10 with retail price of 1 million $RACA per land.

Updates about the plan for Land NFTs and Metamon NFTs:

Q: What is the total supply of land parcels?

A: The total supply of private lands would be 1 million.


There are 1,250,000 public lands that will not be up for sale.

What’s “public land”? There is a need for public land in any world, such as Decentraland or Cryptovoxels, those public lands are mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, and so on.

In the real world, only 10% of land can be cultivated. Less than 1% is good for building architectures. Our world is a real 3D grid of 20*20 with 3 coordinate scaling, which is very strict.

The USM is very large, it will take a long, long time for players to reach a destination or even walk around, enjoy the scenery… That’s why many public lands are needed and not for sale.

Q: What is the total supply of normal (N) Metamons?

A: The total supply for N Metamons is 2,000,000. We announced the total supply for N Metamon is 2 million. 520,000 Metamon have been distributed. There are 1.48 million Metamon to be released.

Q: What’s the release plan for the remainder Normal Metamon?


Q: What is the total supply of normal (N) Metamons?

A: The total supply for N Metamons is 2,000,000.

Q: How will land mystery box revenues be spent?






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